Friday, February 6, 2015

The Canvas Or The Brush

The canvas is painted, the brush paints.

The canvas sits back and waits while the brush is actively moving.

The canvas can only tell one story at a time while the brush can tell unlimited stories.

The canvas is marked but the brush leaves its mark.

The canvas can't make any mistakes. The brush is always trying new things and often makes mistakes, but the brush can fix its mistakes.

The canvas is not responsible for the outcome.

The canvas is either beautiful or its not, but the brush makes it so.

The canvas is hung on the wall for the world to see, the brush is rarely noticed.

The canvas complains about the colors or the lines or the brush if it doesn't like how it looks. The brush doesn't care how it looks.

The canvas needs the paint to be spread perfectly to be happy. The brush mixes and matches till it gets it right.

The canvas is always talking about yesterday. The brush is doing something today.

The canvas dies with more to offer the world. The brush is tattered and broken, all used up and in the end has nothing left to give.

Are you the Canvas or the Brush?