Saturday, March 29, 2014

She Remained Faithful

Today I went to a memorial service of an 84 year old woman. It was quite a testimony to see how many lives she had touched in her 84 years. She had lived in the same little town for most of her life. She had been faithful to the same church, the same community and the same man for most of her life. Some of the people who wanted to pay their respects couldn't event get into the building because there were so many of them. At the service they spoke of her musical talent and her hospitality but I am convinced that her greatest influence came from just being there. Faithfulness and commitment are hard to find anymore. In a day where marriages only last for a few years and we bounce from church to church looking for the shortest or funniest or loudest or most traditional service, it was good to see the effect of one woman who just stayed faithful.

Faithfulness has its own fruit. I guess the challenge is to keep showing up. Whether its going well or it feels like its falling apart there will be fruit if we continue to show up.